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As everything is vibration and energy we can rebalance our whole system with the techniques and tools I teach and use on the sessions that can be a distance healing with consultation and guidance or a hands on 1 to 1 meeting!

Each treatment is personalised and as we are changing constantly so as the used

tool or technique! It is a simple but powerful approach to self-healing and personal development!

The treatment is like a catalyst to awaken the life force energy within you and enabling your transformation to become who you really are which is love and light….our true essence!

As many scientist proved Love is the highest frequency and that is our nature!



You do not have to have any spiritual beliefs to benefit from my sessions, energy is universal and each one of us has our own specific energy pattern that contains, information.  Imbalances in this energy affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My work will assist you to.

  • Destress

  • Sleep better

  • Rebalance your energy

  • Feel lighter

  • Think with more clarity

  • Removed deep seated issues

  • Give a deeper understanding and connection to yourself

  • Improve your health

  • Unblock you on many levels

  • Connect you to your joy and happiness

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This is a new-energy rebalancing therapy that aligning body, mind and soul and reconnecting with the Divine source.  My Cosmic Alignment ,spiritual healing Therapy is a gentle yet powerful energy-healing treatment which you can receive in distance (Than we connect online first) or in person as a hand on treatment!


The session takes around 90 minutes with your personalised lifestyle advice. Its primary purpose is to balance your mind, body and soul with the energies of the New Age (5D Consciousness). It gives healing at the deepest levels for whatever you need at the time. Cosmic Alignment ,spiritual healingTherapy is a simple approach to self-healing and personal development. We all have great potential, but due to limiting beliefs and fears that we hold about ourselves and our lives, we tend to get ourselves stuck in particular patterns that keep us from deeply realising our full potential. 


These patterns can show up in various ways; beneath these external symptoms are corresponding patterns of energy. The treatment acts as a catalyst to awaken the life force, gently enabling you to transform your patterns/ traumas and begin to change from who you are now, to whom you want to become! Cosmic Alignment ,spiritual healing trusts your innate intelligence to bring order and balance in your life.



I use remote viewing ,channeling  and energy balancing techniques intuitively and guided by the Divine. Sometimes I combine it with trauma releasing techniques such as EFT and breath work if is needed to achieve a quick and deep relies.During the treatment recommended to remain to stay detached from the achievement of specific results wanted, ALLOWING your energy to be guided by your innate intelligence (super consciousness), transforming your patterns in whatever ways are right (best) for you.


There is no belief system attached to Cosmic Alignment  spiritual healing Therapy so anyone can receive the treatment. This treatment is usually very relaxing – a good place to start. It is very useful if you feel like you need time out of your busy, stressful life.


The treatment can help re-align you to your true self and energise you to make positive steps in your life. It also helps those of you who are aware of your spiritual path and will assist you to gain clarity, deeper awareness and thereby speeds up your progress (Ascension).There is no need to know about your personal or medical history. The procedure is gentle, non-invasive and completely safe.


It can be used on its own or alongside conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies. It is an empowering tool for enabling people to let go of past limitations and move forward in their lives.

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